Bernadett Orosz


Although we are successful business people, it wasn`t just simply profit seeking that led us to creating this site but also the caring nature which is a common trait in all of us. All three of us are parents, caring and nurturing 14 kids in total. That is one of the reasons why dental health is an important subject for us. Throughout our lives, after countless and often painful and negligent dental procedures we finally have found Dr Victor Czina and his team, which we can highly recommend after our personal experience. He has provided Janos Toth (the financial director) with several dental implants and a complete denture. I, Bernadett Orosz was provided with the most modern, 3D designed and printed dental implant with zirconium shell, and received a professional and painless dental treatment from the skilled team, who have decades of expertise. You can trust us that we will find the most optimal solution for you. Whatever a person could wish for him or herself, we wish to provide that to you and your family.

Our aim is to offer the full range of dental treatments in a comfortable, friendly and aesthetic environment with a minimum waiting time to all our patients from abroad.

We all seek to provide the highest quality with lower costs compared to other countries, with the assurance of our professional dentists. The specialty of our dentists are dental implants, dental shells, and cosmetic dentistry. Dental treatments could be planned together with a holiday. Hungary can offer sights nearby, several interesting places to visit with wonderful views, and relaxing colourful events and programs to see. That could help you to return to the daily routine relaxed and recharged, and with an aesthetic smile.

Step by step

The following points summarize our services from getting an offer to finishing the treatment.
Email consultancy

We suggest you get an X-ray done back home and send it to us in an email. Via an email consultancy our dentist will let you know what treatments you require, how long will it take and what are the costs

Planning the trip

Together we schedule your arrival and the treatments; arrange the transfer, a guide, accommodation and car rental. We book the chosen hotel accommodation for you to ensure your comfort throughout the course of the treatment.

Book your flight

You will book your flight to Budapest and if needed, we provide the airport transfer from Budapest to the final destination.

Welcome to Hungary

After the long journey a complementary meal will be served (appropriate for the time of the day), also a relaxing massage or refreshing wellness spa services can be enjoyed. During your stay in Hungary we will offer you several different and enjoyable activities to provide you a lasting and enjoyable experience of the beautiful, enchanting landscapes of Miskolc and its surroundings.

Dental treatment

Later the dentist will carry out the arranged treatments as per the schedule.

While we provide the guaranteed dental treatment, the focus is on the patient’s individual needs and we strive to achieve the best results. This allows you to leave renewed, refreshed and happy.

Good bye!

We always welcome you back to Hungary!

Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

Experienced doctors and Scientist form our medical staff
dr Viktor Czina150

Dr. Viktor Czina

Dental and oral diseases specialist, Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics specialist. Dento-alveolar surgeon, implantologist.

Member of the Hungarian Society of implantology. Tutor of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Debrecen Medical University. He is the owner of the surgery and the chief surgeon. He specializes in dental surgery and implantology interventions and restorations. Since 2000 he had performed thousands of implantations with great success.

dr Robert Ferko150

Dr. Róbert Ferkó

Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics, resident
dr Gabor Himinecz150

Dr. Gábor Himinecz

Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics, resident
Csilla Tasnadine Zacharia_

Csilla Tasnádiné Zacharia

Dental technician, ceramic specialist
Eva Megyes150

Éva Megyes

Dental technician, alloy- prosthodontics specialist