Dental services

Our company’s aim is to provide the full spectrum of dental services, from simple dental procedures to advanced dental implants. There are various treatments available in our surgery. Reliable implants and dentures provided quickly as the surgery has its own dental laboratory. This allows us more control in providing the required removable dentures and implants. Porcelain and zirconium crowns available as well as dental implants as required. We can place temporary crowns on prepared teeth even on the same day, which allows the patient to leave the dental surgery with a crown fitted, on the day of the treatment.
Close-up of a pretty patient with her mouth open

New possibilities in dentistry

Prosthodontics, the science of dental implants was a major breakthrough in dentistry, making life easier for millions of patients and their dentists .Titanium implants have been used for more than 20 years, pioneered by professor Branemark from Sweden. Since then Prosthodontics has gone through further development and research and became a routine procedure. It is possible to implant on the day of the tooth extraction or it can be a delayed implant placement. The implant may be two-piece or single-piece. Last but not least, the implant can be immediate loading or delayed loading, which can make the patient's 3-6 months recovery period significantly easier. By using an immediate loading implant the patient can leave the clinic with a fixed prosthesis, a few days after the surgery.

We can help many patients with an implant-supported denture, meaning that their existing denture will be supported by and attached to implants. In most cases, the attachments on the implants are ball-shaped and they fit into sockets on the denture. This can be done without a complicated surgery, implants are positioned in the bone under the gum and allowed to heal. A CT scan should be used to evaluate bone quality in the jaw.

What kind of teeth can be replaced by an implant?

The answer is simple: any kind, provided that the volume and density of the jaw bone allows it. A panoramic RTG image or a CT scan can be used to ascertain that.

In the case of a single missing tooth there is no need to reshape the neighboring, intact teeth.

In the case of a missing back tooth an implant can be used to avoid having a partial denture.


When all teeth are missing, we can provide a few different solutions.

Dental implants can be used to support cemented bridges or the previously mentioned implant-supported denture, which can be removed if needed. Even if all teeth are missing, there is a possibility to provide an immidiate loading implant and a temporary long-term cemented denture.


Choosing the right treatment needs to be based on the individual circumstances. A dental implant is a long term solution, possibly lasting for decades. Thus careful planning and providing the patient with the necessary information is paramount in order to choose the optimal solution, together with the dentist.


Dr. Viktor Czina

Dento-alveolar surgeon

Quicker dental filling with sonic energy

Dental fillings using the new technology at the Mediczina Dental Bt! The technology developed by the Kerr and Davo companies is now available at our surgery. Using ultrasonic sound for perfect edges of dental fillings, with a fast procedure and an aesthetic finish.